Buck Knife Date Codes


The 1973 to 1985 production knives bear a model number as well as the BUCK and the U.S.A.

In 1986, a year mark was added on the tang.

Following is a chart with the date symbols for their year.

No date symbol means the knife was made before 1986.


There is some additional coding for knives made between 1974 - 1986:

  1974 - 1980:  one dot on either side of the model #  (example: .110.) 

  1980:  two dots on the right side of the model #  (example: .110..)

 1981 - 1986:  two dots on either side of the model #  (example: ..110..)

2005 - If it looks like Idaho, then it was made in Idaho.

2005 - If it doesn't look like Idaho, it was made overseas.




The latest tang symbols are arrows:   


An arrow pointing down toward USA indicates 2007.

An arrow pointing up and away from  the USA means 2008.


Hope you find this helpful.


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