T-Coons Restaurant, Lafayette LA

Great place for breakfast and lunch in Lafayette. Owner David Billeaud is usually on site and is understandably proud of his "Zydeco" cooking. He uses this term to show the decided Creole influence in the Cajun cooking. He calls it Zydeco, I just call it very good.

A steam buffet table holds all the goodies.

Some of the tables are interesting.


If they are serving Meatball Fricasee, be sure and get that tasty entree. You won't be disappointed.

Crawfish Etoufee is always a treat.

And of course you can't go wrong with good ole red beans and rice.

Excellent Bread Pudding is a great desert. Best in town.

If you get there for breakfast, try the Crawfish Omlet. There is nothing like it. And we got a box of T-coon's all-purpose Seasoning Mix to take home. Good stuff for the grill.

Great Food. Great Service. T-Coons is always first on our list when we get to Lafayette.


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